Michael Lyman, PhD

Dr. Lyman joined the Novasenta team in February 2023 supporting R&D activities. Prior to officially joining the team, Dr. Lyman served as an advisor since October 2022. Before working with Novasenta, Dr. Lyman was the Vice President of Discovery Research at IconOVir Bio, a preclinical-stage biotechnology company pioneering the next generation of synthetic oncolytic virus therapies for the treatment of patients with solid tumors. Prior to joining IconOVir, he was the Director of Translational Research at the Salk Institute of Biological Studies. His translational research team was focused on the development of high throughput virus engineering and screening platforms to create a pipeline of novel virus-based therapies including vaccines and oncolytic viruses that led to the spin out of IconOVir. Previously, he was the Associate Director of Immunology at Tanabe Research Laboratories (a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation) where he and his team were responsible for the discovery and non-clinical research efforts for multiple biologics programs in the therapeutic areas of inflammatory disease and autoimmunity. Dr. Lyman began his industry experience as a scientist at Kyowa Hakko Kirin California (formerly Kirin Pharmaceuticals), where he was a major contributor to multiple therapeutic antibody programs that reached the clinic and was the project leader for KHK4083/AMG 451, a novel anti-OX40 antibody moving into Phase 3 clinical trials in atopic dermatitis.

Dr. Lyman received his Ph.D. in Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis from Northwestern University and did his postdoctoral work at the Scripps Research Institute where he led projects to understand how tumor reactive T cells respond to cross-presented tumor antigens and investigated how to break tolerance to tumor associated self-antigens.