Our Science

Exploiting the interplay between disease, immunity, and metabolism to cure cancer.

Novasenta’s discovery process is patient-centric with a focus on in-depth analysis of high-quality samples from human tumors. We comprehensively map the tumor microenvironment and capitalize on the convergence of biology and computation to discover novel, therapeutically relevant targets.

A Unique Approach to Target Discovery

Bolstered by the scientific expertise of our founders and the diverse perspectives of our world-class team, Novasenta leverages cutting-edge technology to its fullest potential in an effort to uncover deep insights. Our proprietary discovery platform applies single cell transcriptomics analysis, unique immune-cell assays, animal models, and machine-learning enabled data interrogation and management with the goal of discovering novel, druggable targets and developing the next generation of safe and effective therapeutics.

Through our partnership with UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh, we have access to high-quality, tumor tissues from patients with a broad range of cancers, allowing us to focus our discovery on diseases with the highest unmet medical need to maximize the patient impact of our work.

Focusing discovery on diseases with the highest unmet medical need.